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Next Generation Activity Monitor Watch

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*Please note the pulsense watch currently supports iOS phones (with iOS 7.1 or later): iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6c/6s. Epson has projected an application update will be available in early December, 2014 making the device compatable with Android phones (Android OS version 4.3 or 4.4 or later): Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, J, Note3, and Note2
LG G3.  The watch, however, will still function properly with your PC or MAC. If you wish to place your pre-order for the Pulsense watch and only have an Android device, please message support@prelaunch.com noting your request to HOLD your pre-order until the Android version is available.  

Recent changes

Pulsense Update & Product Review 09/08/2014

Epson Pulsense Customers,

We are successfully finishing our last round of beta testing for the Pulsense Devices. It is important to us to provide a high quality device with a unique and exciting user experience, and we appreciate your patience through this innovative process. Most importantly, we are on track to begin shipments early October!

Checkout an early review of the new PULSENSE you will soon have in your hands:


Pulsense Delivery Date Update | September 2014 07/07/2014

Dear Epson Pulsense Customers,

We are hard at work refining, testing, and enhancing the Pulsense Activity Tracker before we ship the finalized product to you.  Most importantly, we are going into production in the coming weeks.  Please note that we have updated our ship date to late September and are on track to make this delivery happen for all of the Prelaunch.com customers first.

Stay tuned for further updates in the weeks ahead!

Thank you again for your support.



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